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Friday, 3 June 2016

Changing Nature of Cartridges - What's Next?:

Here is a picture of a 'standard' pistol cartridge that explains how a 'bullet' is only one part of a cartridge ammunition system. This picture is from the 'My Gun Culture' site.

- Many people who have watched TV and the movies for their version of how guns work will name this ammunition as a "Bullet".. Too many Cowboy and Gangster movies. - Another frequent misnomer is calling a magazine a 'clip' - but there may be precedent for this from early military usage.

While that picture above accurately shows a common type of cartridge - with a big lump of lead - we need to expect to find variations of this theme in the near future - there are of course 'expanding' or 'hollow-point' versions around - but entering the market are solid copper segmented bullets
RIP Bullets Cartridges

and a new type of injection moulded projectile (bullet) that is made using a plastic material mixed with metal dust or small steel shot. The metal 'dust' or filler material may be copper, brass, steel or even an exotic metal such as Tungsten - rather than the heavier old lead.

Both Polycase and Ruger are Offering This Kind of Ammunition.

This moulding technology may also introduce the coming requirement for NON-TOXIC lead-free bullets and FRANGIBLE bullets that will mostly not ricochet - and their shattering into small pieces when impacting on a hard surface should ease the nature of back stops on ranges that restrict ammunition use to this type.

- You honestly didn't think that the campaign against lead shotgun shot and the change-over to non-toxic steel, Bismuth and tungsten was going to end there - with shot-guns, did you?

- There are ranges being closed-down for many different reasons (noise & bullet escapes etc.) but the build-up of toxic lead (heavy metals) as a surface contaminant and accumulating in the soil of berms is rapidly going to become a major and costly issue.

Think 'Auckland Pistol Club'  - now closed following a noise complaint - and reflect on your local shooting range.. what might be done to improve your security to continue?

The 'old fashioned' cast lead bullets with their exposed greasy surfaces are on the way out already - for good reasons.. WASH YOUR HANDS.

Meanwhile the military are researching 'Case-less Ammunition' , 'Polymer Cased Ammunition' and 'Telescoped Ammunition' (where the projectile is fitted down inside the (plastic?) case for reduced bulk and weight.

- And this is only "the known knowns." - 'Technology' will sometimes follow demand and sometimes it will lead the way.

Marty K.