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Friday, 17 June 2016

Loaded Gun Found in NZ Parliament:

Our media are headlining the story that a loaded Police Glock pistol was reported as having been found by a member of the public in a washroom / toilet inside the Wellington NZ Parliament Buildings.

Current speculation is that a member of the Diplomatic Protection Squad may have removed or dropped the gun whilst using the toilet facilities and somehow not noticed that he no longer had it.

I hope that the howls of the outraged commentators are treated with the import they deserve - as I am sure that the officer concerned will still be shuddering with that horrid empty feeling we all get when we discover the loss of something important.

There will be no reason to take extreme disciplinary action in this matter - I'm certain that the officer concerned is the most security conscious person ever available for the rest of his career.

- Good Luck mate. I once heard of a young kid picking-up a snubbie revolver from the carpet in the Christchurch airport terminal and running after the on-duty uniformed officer calling "Hey mister - is this yours?" - Bloody stupid ankle holsters they were trying .. they then for a while used a sort of rectangular leather 'lunch box' banging about on their waists.

Marty K.