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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Weak Anti-Gun Logic and 'Furphies':

I read just about anything that I find about guns - including all the anti-gun crap that dribbles down the pages of newspapers and onto television.

It has (as usual) taken me some time to conclude that the gun-banners seem to be so up-tight about firearms that they'll squeal just about anything that they can dream up - hoping that it will strengthen their emotional and otherwise weak argument.

They seem so desperate to gain support that they look at some perfectly good statistics and immediately set about exaggerating and falsifying them to create horror shock and awe arguments for their case. They are the finest example of the ancient press fable "If it bleeds - it leads"
US Television "Journalist" Katie Couric.

The recent 'cut & paste' video shown by "journalist" Katie Couric was a classic (failed) attempt to corrupt and misrepresent the truth by creative editing that falsely showed pro-gun panel members unable to reply (she cut or 'edited' their responses)..  Has she been paid for that crap? - Has she been fired for deliberately misleading the public?

It dismays me that deliberately misrepresenting the facts (lying or "misspeaking") in public is not a criminal offence.

- The reason that it is not criminal to tell lies is obvious really - politicians, spin doctors, press agents, free marketers, retailers salespersons, and advertising agencies would all cease to function if unable to tell furphies.

- To explain for the non Australians and Kiwis .. a 'Furphy' is a tale that is untrue and improbable - historically told while gathered for a drink at a water cart. (Australian business J. Furphy made water carts used by the early military).

-  The modern equivalent is the office water-dispenser.
A WWI FURPHY Water Cart at Gallipolli - Troops Gather for a Drink And To Swap Stories.

Recently Hilary Clinton claimed that there were 33,000 people killed by 'gun violence' every year.

- But she had included 3,000 justifiable police and civilian homicides to make this figure - AND she omitted to mention that 71 per cent of those remaining deaths were suicides (21,334 suicides, plus 586 accidents), - leaving 8,124 actual shooting murders - not 33,000).

- There ARE in fact some 35,000 US Motor Vehicle deaths each year - surely of at least equal or perhaps four times greater importance and tragedy.

Marty K.

Note: When purchasing 'white goods' or electronics - the buyer is often offered an unnecessary 'extended warranty' in exchange for an extra payment. - Shop workers call this a 'Mug Tax'.