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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Guns Used by Orlando Killer:

As time passes the story of what actually happened and maybe why - will come-out.

The first FACT I have found is that this New York born killer did not use an "AR15 Assault Rifle" as has been widely reported - but actually had a Sig-Sauer MCX (piston actuated) rifle said to be in .223" calibre.
Sig-Sauer MCX Carbine - Designed for the .300 Blackout Cartridge.

- Calibre I don't know - but no doubt that issue may be resolved factually in due course - but certainly this shooter did not use a machine gun (or even a sub-machine gun) as claimed by various others.

*** Confirmed  17th June from an official 'inside' source that the MCX rifle calibre IS .223" and a Glock 17 - plus a 38 in his vehicle that was not used in the shootings. ***

Now to be clear - I am not saying that it makes any difference to the victims and their families what type of gun was used - what I am concerned about is that the commentators and reporters feel free to make-up their own version of what happened with a cavalier attitude and a careless concern for fact.

The second weapon the killer had is said to be a Glock 17 9mm semi-auto pistol.

It also seems that this 'Muslim fanatic' was a regular customer at this 'Gay Club' - the LGBT Pulse Orlando - where he drank heavily (Muslims are forbidden to use alcohol).

There may further be a question as to whether some of the bullet injuries are from 'friendly fire' police shots. I did observe that photographs of the site showed many shots had been fired from outside - around the openings made by the assault team.

Not remarkably accurate shooting?

Marty K.