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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Australian Gun Amnesty .. Current:

Across 'the ditch' Australian gun owners are nearing the end of a Three Month Amnesty (30 September) where they are being asked to hand-in valuable firearms without any financial compensation - or any threat of prosecution.

Police Say This Collection Was Handed-in By An 'Elderly' Queensland Woman.

Some 26,000 unregistered items have been surrendered to Police to date at an average 460 per day but Government figures estimate that there may be 260,000 illegal guns out in the community.

Of course,- many of the surrendered items are not actually firearms - being non working replicas or airguns etc.

Sydney based ex-pat Kiwi "Professor" Philip Alpers has once again contributed to the media debate:

 "All the research studies show that very limited, unenforced amnesties like this one produce no measurable decrease in violent crime. You can't prove they reduce death or injury," 

- ABC News tells why many Aussie shooters will continue to enjoy their sport. LINK:

Marty K.