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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Las Vegas Killings:

I know a lot of gun owners and shooters. - I do not know any crazy killers.

I am shocked by this person's actions of firing 'automatic' guns into a crowd. - I don't know how to write anything useful or helpful for the tragic Las Vegas victims and their families.

I do know that while reasonable firearms regulations might help prevent some unsuitable persons from having guns .. in a land where there are certainly more guns than people - anyone determined to get one will succeed.

Once a technology (guns) is developed - it cannot be disinvented.

Is there anything that might help to reduce the risk of hate-filled murderers? -  I have listened carefully to both New Zealand and British (LBC Radio, London) media commentators & 'Experts' voicing their ideas since this awful shooting .. and all I am hearing is the same old calls for BANs on semi-automatics, silencers, magazines (Clips !) and guns in general.

Once again it is noticeable that the less the speaker knows about firearms - the more certain they are of their opinion.

Marty K.