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Friday, 13 October 2017


Doing Democracy in the UK 'The Mother of Parliaments' last Thursday there were 18 MPs who bothered to attend the debate in the Westminster Chamber.
18 Out Of 650 MPs at work.

 - I wonder how many of the 800 'LORDS' were at work in their 'Upper House' - The House Of Lords?

May I respectfully suggest that we look at bringing-in a wee bit of democracy into our lives - sack that lot, & set-up  CITIZENS ASSEMBLIES to inform Governments of OUR needs and viewpoints .. seeing as how "that lot" who we pay a fortune to represent us - can't be bothered.

Check what Wikipedia has to say:

A good mate maintains that some old bloke said "Democracy has been hacked by Capitalism" - which is roughly a quote from Al Gore .. who should have been President of USA in 2000 but was displaced by 5/4 by the US Supreme Court despite having a small majority of the public's votes.

- another old bloke once said ..

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"

- May I respectfully suggest some factual reporting at THE CANARY ..

Note: USA has some 6,800 nuclear weapons under the control of Commander In Chief Donald Trump.
US Aircraft Close To North Korea.

Marty K.