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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

UK's HINKLEY POINT Nuclear Failures. Simple as A-B-C:

  1. having or showing very little intelligence or judgement.

Oh my life ! - I was watching an ever-so-English TV doco. about pommy rivers - and it introduced the UK's defunct Hinkley Point A nuclear site (located on the River Severn)
A is for Asset.
- as a wildlife asset .. because it is under an exclusion zone that favors natures creatures.
Nuclear "Wildlife?" Wardens.
Banned Guns Are GOOD To Protect Nuclear Sites.

You know how we are bombarded at every opportunity with anti-gun hysteria whenever the smallest opening presents (- we had an antique arms auction here in NZ cancelled this month due to a "security risk" posed by anti-gun protesters) ..

Guns are "banned" in UK - while leaky radiation sites are privatized into the control of LIMITED LIABILITY corporations - and the Supreme Wise Leaders of The Nation are proposing to build even more of them - but with the interesting twist that the new Hinkley Point C  nuclear power station in Somerset will be controlled by the Chinese - if it is actually ever built.
Proposed C ( for 'cock-up')(or Chinese?)

- Now I'm no expert on things nuclear - but it's perfectly clear that British nuclear "energy" has been a total cock-up right from it's earliest 1956 Calder Hall beginnings.
The Queen Opening "epoch making" Calder Hall in 1956.

The long decommissioned Somerset Hinkley Point A blew itself apart in testing in August 1963 - two years before it first produced any power .. and it's turbines catastrophically failed again in 1969.

Hinkley Point B - since it was started in 1967, has enjoyed a succession of design failures caused by 'vibration', faulty insulation, and faulty welds - and has run for most of it's life at reduced capacity.
B is for Botch-up.
Electricity from the planned Chinese financed & controlled Hinkley Point'C' is expected to cost twice as much as clean wind and solar power to produce (-if at first you don't succeed .. try, try, & try again?) - but it may help to support Britain's nuclear deterrent Trident submarine fleet we are told.
Trident II D-5 Has Problem With “data acquisition system” 
-Are your kitchen windows covered with brown paper?

I guess there does seem to be an underlying or covert reason for persisting to build power stations that produce plutonium as a by-product. - Is there something that our Masters  representatives aren't telling us?

I used to enjoy drinking the odd pint of Somerset cider with a Ploughman's lunch when in that locale .. not any more.
Oh I don't know though - that does look very tasty .. pork pies are from pigs eh - and they don't get bovine spongiform encephalopathy, (BSE) do they?

New Zealand certainly is something of an underpopulated backwater - but we are NUCLEAR FREE. (and Mad Cow Disease Free).

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Marty K.