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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Handguns In the Home - Glock Full-Auto - Skills Needed:

STORY TIME:  Many years ago I was part of a Glock factory demonstration for the Australian Federal Police & Defense Forces held in their basement Police range in Canberra.

 A guest Australian Army Major was handed a fully loaded Glock 18 (after I had demonstrated how you can fire controlled three and four round bursts on target). - He locked onto the trigger and blew a choking cloud of concrete chips, dust and spent lead from the overhead roof structure as he let the gun climb under recoil - firing the whole magazine into the roof until the G18 locked open empty.

 - All those present ducked low and scooted rearwards .. but no worries - as Major Fuck-Up himself collected most of the 'spall' & aggregate on his own head and uniform .. I wonder if they ever re-plastered that ceiling.

You know all that "anti" crap about being more likely to shoot yourself or a family member if you own a gun? - Certainly NOT if you learn, train, and PRACTICE safely ... the truth is that HOW you train and handle yourself and your gun on range is how you will re-act and act for real - because you will have conditioned your behavior by careful practice (which is repetition of the right way).
If you generally are a careless & useless "waste-of-space" ... it's likely that you will be the same with a gun.

- It's ALL in the mind.

- It's also all about myelin and 'neural pathways'. Read a little about it in my previous wee story here - LINK:

The main purpose of a myelin sheath is to increase the speed at which impulses propagate along the myelinated nerve fiber .. so "practice DOES make perfect". - And so called "Muscle Memory" is sort-of-true as long as you've got myelinated fibres in your muscles - see the Wikipedia technical story LINK:

“According to the US National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, there are currently over 900,000 sworn 
law enforcement officers in the US. The 66 murders of police officers represent a rate of one murder per 13,600 officers.
On the other hand, last year there were at least 40,000 murders of private citizens. That is a rate of one murder per 8,000 citizens. Although police officers come into constant contact and frequent confrontation with armed, violent criminals, they are murdered at a rate FAR below that of the general population. Why? - Because the police are ARMED. Be like them. Be armed.

Of course - that quote may only apply in countries where it is legal to use a firearm to defend yourself eh😊.

If you've got high cholesterol you might find some consolation in the fact that myelin is largely made of cholesterol eh.

Marty K.

Of course - if your myelin sheaths failed to be developed fully (due to modern teaching methods that do NOT require students to LEARN anything by repetition .. as it's already accessible on the internet) .. you may find that your indebtedness will fully develop .. and that may lead to experiencing very personally that if you & yours were born in a poor area - you will likely die some eight years earlier than those lucky folk who were born affluent.
Marty K.