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Friday, 2 February 2018

WMR .22" Magnum Power - Latest From 'Ballistics By The Inch':

 I pick-up a lot of useful stuff from Greg Ellefritz who runs Active Response Training, and I have a lot of respect for his work in law enforcement training / research - and also for 'Ballistics by the Inch' who do very thorough & interesting ballistic testing.

They both do good work.

This time it's Greg who has directed me to "BBTI" for a discussion about just how much more effective is the .22"Magnum (& other magnums) over an ordinary .22" rim-fire cartridge .. especially from a short barreled handgun?

Both of these outfits do the hard yards trying to tell the truth and to cut the crap. - If you can bother to read my stuff - you'll need to read this article .. but their summary is:
"Bottom line. For me, the take-away lesson from these tests is that the .22 Magnum is a cartridge that is best served out of a rifle barrel, even a short-barreled rifle. At the high end we were seeing velocities that were about 50 percent greater than what you’d get out of a similar weight bullet from a .22 LR. In terms of muzzle energy, there’s an even bigger difference: 100 percent or more power in the .22 Magnum over the .22 LR.
But when you compare the two on the low end, out of very short barrels, there’s very little if any difference: about 10 percent more velocity, perhaps 15 percent more power. What you do notice on the low end is a lot more muzzle flash from the .22 Magnum over .22 LR."
- From a short barrel - 22 Magnum (WMR) will look and sound much more impressive & powerful - but you need around 10 or 12 inches to do the job properly 😁

There is so much marketing going-on and so much "FAKE NEWS" being thrown around that anyone of us may be smeared with bollocks that might affect our thinking - but if we can keep looking - the truth may become clearer eventually eh.
It's the 'Hard Sell'  being poured all over us.
Here in New Zealand one measure of how much pressure is being applied to bend our thinking - is that fully one third of television programming is ADVERTISING.
The 'Current Affairs' & 'News' programs are also opinion pieces or 'discussions' trying to direct viewers thinking.

"Vested Interest:  a personal reason for involvement in an undertaking or situation, especially an expectation of financial or other gain."
- That's right .. twenty minutes in every hour here of free-to-air TV is ADVERTS. (time it yourself).
If you buy a US gun magazine - something like half the content is obviously paid advertising (and that's OK to see) .. but many of the stories are also promoting commercial product for your dollars. Try not to be taken-in.
Marty K.