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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Kentucky Colonel George Chinn & The Machine Gun:

I came across this larger-than-life Kentucky character on a Forgotten Weapons video about the five volume book set THE MACHINE GUN:

Declassified 1961.
You Machine gun enthusiasts can apparently download a free PDF version of the whole comprehensive and rare set.

George Chinn wasn't any typical dry military academic scribe - Col. Chinn was one hell of a character .. a 'maverick' sometimes known as "Double Chinn"- and he led a full if sometimes unruly life.  American football player, coach, adventuresome 'entrepreneur'  .. while his military record shows service through WWI, WWII, The Korean War, & Vietnam War.

Graduation As Marine Aviator (Heavyweight.)

I won't try to present his full life story as I'd just be copying other's original recall .. start here to discover one man's adventures in life: LINKS:

"Double-Chinn" Quote:
"I've never had a malfunction on paper."

Marty K.