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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Dragon Man - Gun Enthusiast US Style:

Larger than life Mel Bernstein runs his machine-gun range, Licensed Gun Dealership, paint ball course, military museum and race track 'DRAGON LAND' in El Paso County, Colorado - this is near Pikes Peak that all we speed nuts will know.

Showman Mel originates from Brooklyn and puts-on a value for money festival of noise in exchange for your $10 day pass.
Mel's Flame Thrower Dragon Bike - Only In America.

DragonLand boasts as having over 200 machine guns - tanks, bazookas, bombs, jeeps, all kinds of military stuff & of course that motor bike ..

I'm going there when I win the Lotto - even if it is in bad taste.😁😁

(I think that he votes GOP but I'll excuse that)!

Marty K.