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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

"Webley" Rises Again in England:

Built to the original Webley drawings from CNC machined drop forged components - The ANDERSON WHEELER Mark VII is a superb seven shot revolver currently available for export to non-British shooters in .357" Magnum.

This is the first center-fire cartridge revolver built in UK since 1983.***
That looks beautiful .. but 'exclusive' too.
- But your suspicious nature may be justified - for quality such as that is likely to cost a little more than a polymer Glock 17 eh.

Yup .. That's a Lother-Walther barrel insert and top grade 'London blue' finish - that will likely hold-up your range day as the crowds jostle around the firing-line to get a better view.

- Oh Dear - prices start at 6,500 Pounds. Hmm - what can I sell that's worth that much?

Read all about it .. LINKS:

Classy eh - wouldn't it be nice to be rich? - Beautiful work ..

*** Now - let's be factual here - There is another revolver that has been made in UK for years .. The DYSON Petit Protector ring gun is an "antique" Ring Gun' that sometimes appears for auction sale -  priced as a rarity .. but they are actually made & sold by Peter Dyson & Son Ltd of  Holmfirth Yorkshire ..who make black powder "neccessaries".

Don't Get Sucked-in By The Dyson Petit Protector.

- There may also be UK Legal nitro propellant percussion cap revolvers built for target shooters there. UK shooters require an 'explosives certificate' to have real black powder but nitro and BP Substitutes are exempt. There are also their ridiculous 'LONG' pistols and other firearms.

UK Westlake Engineering / Armscor Percussion Nitro Conversion.
UK 'Section 1' Handgun.

Link to the above story telling the sad tale about some "handguns" 😼that may currently be legally used in UK.

Marty K.