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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Rugers New 'Security 9':

I just watched Hickok 45 put this new hammer-fired 15 round Ruger s/a pistol through it's paces - well two of them actually as he had a 'bought one' alongside the test example.

The man likes his Glocks - as do I - but he couldn't get away from the fact that the Ruger is the same size & capacity as a G19 when matched together on his shooting bench & it seemed to shoot as well as a Glock - AND the 'made-in-america' is on sale for considerably less than a Glock.

Careful now viewers - as he starts with a very loud demonstration with both hands shooting. 😁

While I'm fully confident that every Glock model I have shot is tough, reliable, and good value - now there surely is a new girl in town. - And Ruger make a wide range of excellent firearms too .. not only pistols.

 - Did you know that Sturm Ruger were America's biggest firearms maker with US$664 Million total sales value in 2016.?

- The second largest US firearms manufacturer was American Outdoor Brands who sell their shooting stuff as the S&W brand.

At $379 MSRP the Ruger SECURITY 9  may well walk out the American gun shop doors for around the $300 mark.

- Sure it's just another polymer auto - but this one is glass fiber-filled resin and hammer-fired (not striker) with a four inch barrel - and they work .. It has to sell well.


- Got to be good. - If offered here in New Zealand at the right price it should "go Gang-busters" to our endorsed license shooters.

Marty K.