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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Crowd Opinion on Guns:

Many otherwise reasonably "normal" people - who are mostly well meaning - are fearful of GUNS and think that no-one other than 'the authorities' should be allowed to have them.

I called them "normal" - but the fact is that these misguided folk are severely handicapped by both their ignorance & their conditioning that assures them their 'perception' is right & that any other possibility or reasoning is therefore wrong.

They are stressed & conditioned by their densely packed urban circumstances - living in small apartments - commuting on overloaded & polluted highways or in crowded mass transport systems belly-to-belly - working in cramped noisy environs - open plan offices or factories.

- Sucking-in dramatic TV scare stories with their TV dinners - fictions like "they are more likely to be injured or killed if there is a gun in their home" - they hopefully may avoid contact with the local under-belly.

 I actually know one (nice) guy who can't even be persuaded to touch a revolver with his finger-tip because guns are 'evil'.

- All of their necessities seem to arrive plastic wrapped and sanitized .. water, sewage, electric power, telephones, buses & trains, lighting, heating, fuel, pizza deliveries, even emergency services like ambulance, fire brigade, and law enforcement can hopefully be summoned as if out of the air .. all 'on tap' .. how would they survive if all that input flow stopped .. do you think they might  find 'nature' as scary as guns.?
- Then they seem to accept that "THE GOVERNMENT" is OK to have guns & even the deadly nuclear weapons of mass destruction ... Is that because 'governments' can be trusted and didn't actually slaughter 60+ million of us in WWII and another Million EVERY YEAR since 1945 when  "peace"  arrived? ... that makes a further 72 Million killed in conflict.
My take on who might best be trusted with a firearm would indicate that a sane, sober law-abiding hard-working citizen beats a megalomaniac power-seeking politician every time.

It is very strange how the 'Banners' - while seeing 'guns' as a terrifying & widespread threat - refuse to learn more about them. - How long would a rabbit survive if it chose to not learn about foxes?

Here's interesting: - "Free World" home ownership in USA, UK, France, New Zealand, Australia & Ireland is around 65% (ish) .. that means that some 35% of us can't afford to own somewhere to live. - Germany is down to only 52% ownership.

- But home ownership in Russia is 84%, Romania 94%, Slovakia 90%, China 90%, Cuba 90%, Poland 84%.

- How come the 'oppressed' actually own more of their own homes than the "free" - Who is bullshitting who in the West?

Have you seen this Wealth Distribution video? LINK:

.. If that doesn't make you think - nothing will.

My biggest Issue with our 'Representative Democracy' is that those who we elect to govern have NO obligation to actually represent the people's will - nor even to actually DO what they claimed they would if their campaign was successful.

- Take a look at the unique Swiss style 'Direct Democracy' where their citizens elect administrators to enact the policies that the voters command.

The armed & militarily trained Swiss population has enjoyed direct democracy since it's beginnings in the thirteenth & fourteenth centuries.

In a representative democracy, people vote for representatives who then enact policy initiatives. - In direct democracy, the people themselves decide on policies without any intermediary.

Marty K.