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Monday, 1 January 2018

UK's New "White Elephant" Aircraft Carriers. (Part 1?):

Before you next complain about the lacking IQ of any particular President or Prime Minister's Government - pause to count to 10 ... and look at this:

Forget about the reports that the first launched UK 'Carrier' is leaking badly - as they'll no doubt fix that .. but consider that these TWO new British aircraft carriers will cost the UK's inmates some 3.5 BILLION POUNDS EACH ... this being just about TWICE as much as they said it would cost. (more lies?).
New 3.5 Billion Pound 'Queen Elizabeth'

The real issue of concern here is that while these carriers were meant to carry some 36x  F-35C aircraft each that they initially specified - not the handful of downgraded F-35B fighters now to be carried ...  as they can only now afford to pay for six planes on each carrier !  Three and a half  BILLION POUNDS each to carry around SIX planes!

If you hold that situation in mind and add it to the intended replacement of the worn-out Trident nuclear submarines .. cost now guessed as being another 205 BILLION POUNDS  - then add to that lot the biggest financial cock-up of the century "BREXIT" 
- perhaps you can see the need for the disarmed UK inmates to be tolerant & patient about "austerity" - under-funding for their retirement pensions, policing & health care etc.

My personal concern is not the sheer stupidity of members of governments - which is perhaps understandable as they're only human after all - My concern is that these leaders of society LIE to us repeatedly and never seem to be held to account and jailed in disgrace. 

This business of "Parliamentary Privilege" is a totally corrupt license to lie and mislead the public.

Parliamentary privilege is a legal immunity enjoyed by members of certain legislatures, in which legislators are granted protection against civil or criminal liability for actions done or statements made in the course of their legislative duties.

Why is lying for political and financial profit not criminal ?  - Perhaps "Parliament" or 'Congress' might be elevated to the same status as a Court - then 'perjury' laws could be applied. Is that unreasonable?

That fable describing how to achieve honest effort is known as "Carrot and stick" - it seems to me that our privilege-holders have grabbed all the carrots and locked-away all the sticks.

Here's a sticky question - If the Brits decided to cruise into (British) New Zealand with their Vanguard class Nuclear powered & nuclear armed submarines - or with their replacements 'Dreadnought' Class updates - would we  NUCLEAR FREE Kiwis send-out one of our Wakas (canoes) to stop them?
Marty K.