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Monday, 8 January 2018

GILBOA SNAKE Double Barrel 5.56mm Rifle (Maori 'Tupara'):

Now - if you wear eye liner - enrich your dentist, whiten your teeth, and queue-up over night to buy the latest overpriced fashion "trainers" ... no doubt you will have already found-out what a disappointing heap of shit a two barrel 1911 (2011-A1?) 45 acp pistol is.
Nike SB - Flom Dunk .. US$7,000 sneakers for the sneaky.
- Wouldn't you be Upset If Nobody Noticed Them?

 Ah - did you have your sticky-out ears pinned-back?

Well - perk-up young feller - as the *NEW* latest app. 'toy' is about to land on your bucket list ..

THE GILBOA SNAKE can soon be yours to lovingly stroke as you close your eyes in ecstasy.

Why Not?
  Phww - Look At The Size Of That Mag-Well.

One good point (I hope) about the 5.56 mm Snake is that it being made/ designed in Israel - it will probably work.

On reflection .. and remembering the IMI Desert Eagle that cost thousands to buy here and broke every time it was fired by it's frustrated conservator - maybe not.

If you want to drool more about the ultimate matching companion-piece for your Arsenal forty-five bling/bling pistol - you'll have to Google it yourself or use this link:

Fourteen or 16 inch barrels and two triggers that allow you to use your discretion when aiming at zombies .. 'Hmm - fast or slow?' .. Ooh - what range is it 'regulated' for?

Use ammo twice as fast, twice as loud - but save on duct tape.

.. This 'snake' is for those blokes who cut the sleeves off their T-Shirts to display their tattoos .. then have to join a gym to stop the girls sniggering at their arms.

- Mind you - the same outfit makes the Israeli 'CornerShot' bendy rifle so perhaps they may have some merit to justify the claimed Snake waiting-list of 5,000 (tattooed?) 'mericans.

Marty K.