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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Bald Old Presidents Brain Size:

I will hit 74 years old in a couple of months - Here in New Zealand, a driver's licence is valid for ten years up to the age of 75 years. After this, a licence is valid for five years only, then must be renewed every two years over the age of 80 years.
179 Year Old?
A medical certificate is required here for driver licence renewal in people aged over 75 years and this is completed by a GP.
On 12 January, 2018 - President Trump will undergo a full medical examination at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center .. the White House Press Secretary has confirmed that the results will be publicly released.

But the utility of a standard physical exam—knowing a president’s blood pressure and weight and the like—is meager compared with the value of a comprehensive neurological, psychological, and psychiatric evaluation. And these are not part of a standard physical.
Dr Harold Bornstein - Trumps Physician.
(& Personal Grooming Adviser)

President Trump at 71 - is some 3 years younger than me - so he will no doubt be little interested in the workings of his "very stable" coiffured head ..

"After age 40, the brain decreases in volume by about 5 percent every decade. The most noticeable loss is in the frontal lobes. These control motor functioning of the sort that would direct a hand to a cup and a cup to the mouth in one fluid motion—in most cases without even looking at the cup.

These lobes also control much more important processes, from language to judgment to impulsivity. Everyone experiences at least some degree of cognitive and motor decline over time, and some 8.8 percent of Americans over 65 now have dementia."

That makes my brain about 17.4% smaller than it was - Not sounding too good eh.  
Marty K.