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Thursday, 25 January 2018

"Lead Free" Gun Lead - & A Sweet Treat:

I noticed a pack of what we kiwis call 'lollies' (hard candy or 'sweets') on the supermarket shelves that laughably had printed on the back .. "No added sugar" !! - Strikes me that as the lollies are basically 100% sugar (or sugar alcohol) by design - you couldn't actually ADD any more sugar without just making them bigger eh.

(- I have also seen a pack of salted peanuts that had a Warning Notice .."May Contain Peanuts" !!)

It's likely that this sort of cynical marketing mockery makes little difference to shoppers - other than to the mentally weak - but why I'm commenting on it is because my mate "J" just drew my attention to 'tic-tacs' who it seems legally advertise their wee sweeties as being "sugar free".
45% of  'tictac' Production is in Cork, Eire.
-They Can Also Claim To Be Vegan!

What a giggle (not). They seem to claim that as a "serving" size of their flavored 100% sugar pills is very small - they therefore only contain a small amount of sugar - so qualify as 'Sugar Free'.

- Why do we accept stupid laws that excuse this sort of lying?

Ammunition makers are missing a trick here - why don't they set the standard 'serving' weight of bullets at around 220 grains .. then they might lawfully advertise all their 9 mm and .38" calibers & below of cast lead pills as being 'Lead Free' or "Low Lead"
Over the years I have had gullible obese individuals tell me that they could eat as much pork as they like "because it's white meat." and that they use honey in their beverages and cooking "as it's better for you than sugar".

Well folks - pig meat varies from 14% fat at best to around 60% or more .. and Honey is just flower nectar sugar mixed with water and dirt by ** Honey Bees... Sorry 😙

  ... Candy is just sugar in one form or another - and Homeopathic remedies contain NO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - just water.

** This might disillusion some honey-eaters - but our "silky-smooth" West-Coast Bush Honey or Honeydew Honey is actually the water, sugars, tannins etc, that comprise the excrement of psyllid scaly insects feeding on the sap of host trees then collected by the wasps & bees.

 Marty K.
P.S. How about the "Milk is good for you" slogans? - FACT - Cows Milk is soluble FAT designed to put weight on CALVES. It is not a healthy food for adult human beings.. And 'dairy' is not a good source of CALCIUM for women. (Soy milk is a better calcium source). Do your own research if you are concerned or disagree.

It might make superior health sense to develop great ape dairy herds for milk for human consumption

 .. at least this would supply milk from a related primate species eh: