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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

4 Knife Deaths in 15 Hours - London:

New Years Eve - London -  Two teenagers and two 20 year old men are stabbed to death in widely separated, unconnected attacks using 'Banned' edged weapons.

UK Law basically bans the carrying of all knives other than a small folding 'penknife' with a blade under three inches. - If a folding blade "locks" - It isn't a folding knife.. It's also illegal to sell any knife to an under 18 year old.

Knife Murder Scene In London's Leafy Suburb of Tulse Hill.
 South of Brixton.

These tragic & stupid killings further illustrate just how effectively 'banning' works.

The problem of angry violent killers is the people involved - and how they are (and have been) treated.

- So guns are banned there and guns are used increasingly by the criminal nutters ... and knives are banned there so are being used more & more by young men who can't get guns ... and when they can't get a knife they sharpen a screwdriver for stabbing each other.

Marty K.