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Friday, 12 January 2018

Ergo Delta Revolver Grips For S&W, LCRs:

S&W J Frame

Selling for under US$30.. these ERGO rubber grips interest me: They seem to be a more radical take on the old 'traditional' TYLER T-Grip adapters:

(Well you have to allow for the morons eh)
- That's morons - not Mormons.

 For the Ruger LCR & LCRX:
I had a wander around the net looking for reviews of these Delta grips ... but sadly once you get past the howling from idiot "flamers" .. there's not much intelligent appraisal around.

Anything different or new seems to provoke the ding-a-ling morons into monkey-howls and loud scoffing.

My guess is that these ergonomically designed novelties should be well worth training with as long as the shooter stays aware of the potential for any revolver shooter to need to keep his fingers well clear of the cylinder gap blast - and of course the muzzles too of all snubbies.

Potentially you should get a more solid hold on the piece - & reduced muzzle flip from the straight- line grip - while the shape should give a less gun-like😱 'print' when pocket carried.

One pathetic amateur Youtube reviewer complained that he'd have to practice with his gun to get used to it 😆! (- another moaned that he had lost the grip screw for his Ruger).

Did you know that Pachmayr used to make a similar adapter to the T-Grip? (I didn't):

Marty K.