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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Exploding Tannerite & Ammonal Targets - & Deadly (Nuke or not) Mishaps:

There are very many substances and mixtures that can be made to explode or to burn dangerously. - There is a long recorded history of scientific researchers developing interesting effects - from the earliest records of 'Greek Fire' (year: 672 Current Era) and other related useful compounds.

12th Century Illustration of 1st Century Greek Fire.

There is an equally long record of unfortunate fools who lost limbs & various other useful bits & pieces - and many others who rapidly drained their various body fluids & plasma and ceased breathing when energetically disassembled .. both long ago and more recently.***

You'll find plenty of video demonstrating how Tannerite or other home-made mixes can entertain and titillate .. but most of the unfortunate departed failed to post their images on-line.

Both Tannerite and the simpler 'Ammonal' are used on ranges to indicate a 'HIT' on target by going BANG. - both compounds consist of two or more NON-explosive chemicals (fuel and oxidizer) that - when mixed will detonate if impacted by a high velocity bullet .. A low-velocity pistol round won't do it.

"that's what I'm talking about"😼

It is generally suggested that you limit your mix to less than two pounds (1 kg.) - but there's always those dense nutters who can't/won't read the boring stuff.

It's an interesting FACT that exactly half of the population has below average IQ. (- this does tend to influence the quality of government etc.)

Our governments like to think they have exclusive rights to use this energetic stuff - like cluster bombs, fuel-air explosives, anti-personnel mines, nukes & missiles, and even 'guns' in many cases.

Maybe I'm being a bit girly here - but I'm not going to list the chemicals needed. - There are plenty of on-line sites and video detailing all that for your delectation.

 - My strongest possible advice is to use passive high visibility 'Splatter' targets and a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope.

Sure these paper targets are costly to buy .. but they are much quieter when used with a silencer & cheaper than setting-off a wild fire - getting arrested -  or blowing-up one of your mates with home-made pyrotechnics.

*** On May 21 1946 - US nuclear physicist  Louis Alexander Slotin was demonstrating how clever he was - playing with two hemispheres of plutonium 'fissile material' held apart with a screwdriver blade - when he fumbled and produced an instant super-critical mass .. the bright blue flash made him twist his wrist - and he managed to throw the top plutonium 'shell' onto the floor - thus preventing this being a massive deadly nuclear explosion at Los Alamos .. but he died nine days later from that half-second burst of radiation. - Remember that he was playing about with this nuclear material only a short time after they thought it possible that these bombs might cause the whole atmosphere to ignite and burn.
Playing With THE DEMON CORE to "Tickle The Dragons Tale".

Link to the full story:

We do need to have total trust in our Governments, Leaders & Military .. they always have our best interests at heart.😁

Marty K.
P.S. Should you be in a 'researching mood' with a cup of decent coffee - have a Google-Wikipedia session starting with Greek Fire .. Naphtha .. Napalm.