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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Gas Checks:

I picked-up a wee baggie of .32" GAS CHECKS from a dealers stall at last years Christchurch MAMS Show .. I gave the guy $5 when he asked how much were they worth to me!

- I didn't have any particular application in mind - but thought that they "might come in handy".
These things are designed to be crimped in place to the base of projectiles to protect from the gas-cutting action of the high pressure burning powder on cast lead pills when driven hard:
I'd be guessing a bit if I said that most handgun loads below say 1,000 feet per second wouldn't need to be gas-checked .. unless you're trying to shoot swagged soft lead 9mm pills from a Glock .. those hexagonal grooved bores definitely don't like lead bullets and will "lead-up" real quick - 'Glocksters' stick to jacketed or plated pills I'd say.

Certainly riflemen playing with cast bullets might make better progress towards a low cost but useful home load if they selected a casting mold that throws bullets ready for a gas check. like those 'thirty calibers' above.

- Although bear in mind that the latest anti-gun study is that lead bullet fragments & residue in the meat of hunted animals will cause lead poisoning .. particularly in young people.

Guys with brains should be focusing on making better ammunition WITHOUT LEAD .. What's wrong with solid copper? - then we could boast that our bullets are both 'lead free' and anti-bacterial. 😊.

Hornady seem to be the main source for gas-checks - but you might be able to find a die set kit to stamp-out your own gas checks from sheet aluminum beer or soda cans (or aluminium as we poms were taught at school).

I keep looking at that wee baggie and scheming for duplex / triplex or 'buck'n'ball' loads for my 327 Fed. Magnum with the gas-check used between the powder and balls or shot.

I'll do it 😄

Marty K.