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Friday, 15 June 2018

Loose NUKES - Terrorism & The Right To Bear Arms:

How many Hydrogen Bombs have been lost by military organisations ? - US officially admit to 11 "broken arrows"... But some doom-sayers reckon that many more are possible !

Colorful Ain't It?

Of course there's the old SOVIET block too - has anyone sneak audited their warehouse lately while Putin had his back turned?

The British newspaper 'THE SUN' doesn't impress me as being a truly reliable source of factual news ... but when I started thinking about missing nuclear weapons - their 2017 story gave me a fright. - Link:

- And it does link to another piece .. that confirms how close the big bang was during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis:

"Empty Quivers" & "Bent Spears":
This next story of August 29 2007 is very involved & disturbing .. and comes with supporting documentation: There are many "big names' linked to dubious happenings. - You will need time to read it carefully.

I truly don't set-out to make a conspiracy terror headline story for the grand-kids .. but rather to comment once again at the TOTAL HYPOCRISY of any Government that casually plays around with such weapons of mass destruction - while signing us up to the UN limits designed to control you & me from having a rifle or handgun for sport or for self defense.

Here comes another one ... How would you score your "leaders" in Government if you learned that their response to the current murderous 'middle-eastern' terrorism was to REDUCE police numbers since 2010 by around 20,000? - check-out London's Metropolitan Police Service (they are not a 'Force' any more).

Surely we ordinary "proles" need to wake up and smell the coffee ... before it's too late.

Democracy = Rule Of The People By The People, for The People.

  - So which of us actually voted to give these corrupt politicians and generals HYDROGEN BOMBS to play with? - Actually I can't remember ever being asked.

Do we actually only have one planet to play with - or is there another one close-by ?

Trust Me - I'm A ..
.. Powerful World Leader
British Leaders Cameron & Blair.
North Korea - China.

Marty K.

Relevant word for some folk to consider .. DENIAL. "I don't want to think about it."Wikipedia reckons that those 'in denial' can be known as "true believers" ... wow - I'd never made that link.