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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

9MM PAK - Civilian "less lethal" & Rubber Bullets:

Recently I introduced newly discovered 10x28mm Russian civilian rubber bullet guns .. LINK:

Well here we go again with a 9mm variety - the 9 x 22 mm or 9mm PAK cartridge (Pistole Automatik Knall, "automatic blank pistol").

The idea here is to inflict 'less lethal'  traumatic pain to an aggressor without risking serious injury or death to them ..
 Tehkrim 9mm Rubber Rounds.

 Horhe KSAP With PP9RP Rubber Bullets.

CAREFUL .. This Is A "Tear Gas" 9x22mm Round

- Here is A Ukrainian made "Less Lethal" pistol that comes in various models adapted for firing BLANKS, Tear Gas, Muzzle Loaded rubber balls (using blank cartridge), or the 9x22mm Rubber-ball Cartridges.
Schmeisser-Makarov (Erma-Werk) Less Lethal 9mm From Ukrain.
8 Round Magazine.

Link to TFB article (& the usual brainless** after-comments):

These "ex-iron-curtain" pistols are made in versions for use with ammunition as permitted in the different countries .. I think that the rubber-bullet cartridge firing guns are civilian-legal only in Russia?
9x22 MM

**  I always thought that if you had nothing useful to say it was best to keep your gob shut.

Marty K.