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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Queen's Birthday Weekend - Police Shooter & Prostitute Awards:

New Zealand as we like it;

This cold, wet, & wintry public holiday is not the Queen of NZ's actual #1 birthday - but this, her second? annual party, is the time when our Politicians get to shower recognitions on each other as they sidle into the corporate boardrooms for their 'afterlife'.

They sprinkle a few 'citizen awards' for services to entertainment , sport and bravery  - & awards to police dogs etc to greenwash their mutual backslapping.

This years 192 awards include ex prime-minister & farmer Night-Companion Bill English, - ex brothel worker & prostitutes organiser Dame Companion Catherine Healy for services to prostitutes, and police 'Officer S' who is awarded a bravery medal for shooting 'Suicide-by-police gunman' Pera Smiler - in 2015 ..
 .. who requested a free 'Big Mac' with his rifle before demanding that police shoot him - which in due course 'Officer S' obligingly did ..

Dame Companion Catherine Healy'
I reserve my right to comment .. but new Dame Catherine said - "I really am quite emotional about it, We'd like to see that sex workers don't feel discriminated against ... this acknowledgement sends that message: that they can be part of society."

Two further NZ Dames companion are Jules & Lyn Topp for being rainbow yodelers, and a MNZM goes to Mrs Hancock for services to pipe bands - & to a Mr Suasua for services to rugby.

Life can get complicated if you're "a royal' eh - although it's her birthday this weekend in New Zealand - it's NEXT weekend in NSW Australia .. but it's not till September in Western Australia and .. not till October 1 in Queensland.
In Canada it was on the Monday before May 25th - which is also Empire Day & Victoria Day. In Tristan da Cunha, Ascension, & St. Helena their royal public holiday celebration is in April 😁. So many birthdays for one old lady.

Marty K.