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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Protector Palm Pistol - New Model Needed?:

Back in 1882 in France - Jacques Turbiaux patented and made his ("8mm Turbiaux" caliber) double-action 'TURBIAUX LE PROTECTOR' - and the very next year an American version called "The Minneapolis Firearms Co. PROTECTOR' was underway .. the US story of these 'palm pistols' is involved .. with wasteful court cases and delays that interfered with their manufacture & sales .. but total production appears to have eventually reached around 150,000 units.

.. Soon to be followed by the Chicago Protector Palm Pistol:

These guns were forms of a "turret revolver".

Cut-Away Sectioned Chicago Protector.

- Made in both rim-fire & center-fire small .22" and .32" calibers, - the second and third versions each became slightly larger than the previous model and perhaps less finely made .. BUT this "handy !" wee design was a properly functional repeater that worked using a simple squeeze grip rather than a precise trigger press .. this seems to me to be superior to the recent single shot Constitution Arms model meant to give an option to amputees and handicapped:

Surely a modern D/A Stainless-Steel version of the old repeater PROTECTOR Palm Pistol would be a good seller? - The first obvious caliber choice would be a .22" Long Rifle and then further models in perhaps center-fire 32" and .38" would be natural.

- How about a laser aim-pointer activated by the "safety catch" (#17 above).

Modern 'lost-wax' casting and metal injection molding combined with molded polymer parts and coil-springs would surely make production feasible. If you can make & sell "Derringers" a modernized repeater Palm Pistol must be easy and obvious.

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons reviews and describes all three iterations of the antique guns:

- And here is an excellent series of animations showing the general functioning and assembly of those early Palm Pistols:

- And here is a series of good 3D parts images:

What more do you need to start planning production? - Plenty of scope to develop within the minimum weight of 105 grams required by the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 (3.7oz of steel - half the weight of the steel in a Glock 17)( Yes it is all bullshit!)

How about it - anyone in Texas?

Marty K.