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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Squeezer - Palm Pistols. Antique & Modern:

Squeeze-Cocker & Palm-Pistols were made & used from the late 1800s right up till recent times - and while their sighting systems  limit their accuracy at distance - the squeeze-firing process hugely eases their use for manually handicapped shooters and amputees.

- Certainly their 'different' profiles and shapes might help hide their function .. but it's the squeeze operation that would make life easier for the disadvantaged if needed as an "Equalizer".

 Renovator 1889 (France) - 6 Shot 6mm.

 Brun Latrige 1894 (Manufrance) Several Iterations In 5mm (10 shot)& 8mm.

Le Vainqueur
..engraved "bte BDSG" means "without government guarantee".

French 5 Shot ROUCHOUSE & LE MERVEILLEUX 6mm & 8(7)mm? (1897)

 Manufrance Gaulois Palm Pistol -1890s - 5 Shot 8mm.

 BAYLE 1879 - 6 Barrels.
 Tribuzion (Turin, Italy) 1890? - 7mm.

- Shooters Could use two fingers (or a thumb) to squeeze fire the 'UNIQUE'
UNIQUE Squeeze-action as Sold By C.S Shattuck in US (WRONG Spelling on guns!) - Was Designed & Patented by Oscar Mossburg in 1906 - Who Called It 'The Invisible Defender'

And there was a further UNIQUE version detail-modified & patented by C Vanderbilt in 1915.
History Here Linked:


Chicago Palm Pistol.

 Bondhus CL380 Double Barrel -  USA Introduced 2014.

Constitution Arms Palm Pistol - Single Shot Prototype - Developed 2008.

George S Webber SQUEEZER (Chicago ) 1905

Patent No. 788866
.32" Rimmed Center-fire - 3 7/8" O/A Length
Striker fired.

This Modern PRESSIN Squeeze-Cocker - Shaped Like An Office Stapler 
gets TWO Images - To Enforce Which End Is The Muzzle ..
Llama , Gabilono y Chia - Spain.  'PRESSIN' 7.65x15mm (.32"acp Short) 1977-1995
- Squeeze it like a Stapler. Patent NÂș 463,479
Gentle squeeze for one barrel .. forceful-press fires BOTH barrels.
Known 'Pressin' Owners are King Juan Carlos I, President Ronald Reagan, & Charles, Prince of Wales.
Alloy Frame 120mm, - Barrels 80mm.
1,000 units made.
All these unusual squeeze-cockers would give choices to disabled shooters.

Marty K.