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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Self-Defense For Disabled - Constitution Arms Palm Pistol:

Palm pistols are an old design idea - but this one is specifically meant for use by folk too handicapped to manages "normal" defensive handguns. This is a brilliant consideration that I fully support - but is this design practical -  as it is only a single shot?

This 38 Special design dates from around ten years back & is fired by using the thumb - & is meant for use by anyone disabled by amputation or perhaps living with serious arthritis or other issues.

When a shooter urgently needs this gun - she or he has to manually & simultaneously disengage three separate safety mechanisms.

The controls are designed to not need much strength to activate .. for example the method of opening it's chamber for reloading this SINGLE SHOT pistol is as shown below:

I really should't knock this gun as I have no chance to test one .. but it's reported price may be either $300 or  US$1350 which is a bit scary (unless that's "fake news") and it looks to be complicated in function.

Surely the fact of the fire button being covered by a flip-up cover is enough - without all the other "safeties"? - If there has to be another safety .. why not a trigger-in-the-trigger something like the GLOCK'S ?

If the palm-pistol design is easier to use .. why aren't all handguns made that way?

The whole point about any defensive firearm is that it IS dangerous to an attacker if needed .. not a "chinese puzzle" to be first resolved as a challenge.

Here's a Link to an expert review from Shooting Illustrated:

I really don't know about this - but I'm still thinking that the wee Beretta TOMCAT .32" would be my first suggestion to try.
'Tomcat' Pop-Up Barrel
By Design Simple & Easy For Weaker Hands.
No Slide Racking Needed. 

Although the second Generation prototypes below do look better - it seems possible that this design may not progress much further - but fingers crossed for them as they've obviously done a lot of work and thinking.

P.S. S&W have recently introduced their M&P Shield EZ Model in .380 ACP designed to be easy to operate.

"The new EZ addition to the M&P M2.0 family is designed for both first-time shooters and experienced hand gunners thanks to its easy-to-rack slide and easy-to-load magazine. It's an internal hammer fired gun with some safety pluses too." 

Now - I don't want to be "pickie" here - but shouldn't those design features of being functionally easy to operate be the standard priority of every manufacturer at all times ?

If you or someone in your life is aging or in less than peak athletic condition - it may well be worth them reading this following review of the EZ  - it's interesting anyway:

Marty K.