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Monday, 21 May 2018

Lawful Gun Owners And Police:

Two Points for 'starters':

1: Police Officers spend most of their working hours dealing with below average stoopid, spaced-out smart-arses & Bad men who often may be dangerous .. and angry road speeders..

2: Average people mostly only contact L.E. persons when they are annoyed & have a penalty fine to pay for traffic offences  .. It's costing them MONEY for no return.

- Try to remember that around HALF of your neighbors are of below average intellect 😲.
Now you as a legal, sensible, kiwi gun owner and user - are none of these - indeed YOU are above average in every way. - You will contact police and licensing authorities more often than the average - so please be friendly, reasonable, helpful, and welcoming.
The uniforms that you are dealing with are not the morons making the rules that make life difficult and expensive ..

 - Don't be hostile to anyone .. especially workers trying to do the difficult task of keeping your mothers and grandmothers and your kids safe from predators crooks and nutters. You don't need to be defensive (or offensive) - be nice and offer them a cup of coffee and a smile.

Then be factual and aware of your legal rights. Help them if you can - that way everyone will go away happy.

Life is good - be happy.

Marty K.