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Friday, 25 May 2018

Von Dutch designed The 'Mare's Leg':

Wikipedia says that "Von Dutch" is an multi-national apparel brand .. Well maybe that's how the 'In Crowd' see him - but that's not what I'm talking about:
Would You Want to Pay $40.00 for a Three Buck Chinese poly-cotton Cap?

I'm no-way stuffing my dressing room full of handbags or Baseball Caps & designer T-Shirts .. but I'm certainly interested in the original guy who was a motorcycle mechanic, custom car maker - and a bit of a gunsmith.
Kenny "Von Dutch' Howard (1929-1992) was talented and artistic - but it seems he also was a racist nazi anti-social alcoholic, - Ed Boswell who founded the Von Dutch clothing empire described him as "hating everybody too much to be a white power activist.- He was a provocateur".

A keen gunsmith and knife maker, Von Dutch made numerous art knives and embellished firearms. Most of these were adaptations of existing items to which he added his artistic flair. In 1958, Von Dutch designed and produced the "Mare's Leg", a cut-down 44-40 Winchester rifle for the 1957 television series Trackdown & the later 'Wanted: Dead or Alive'.
Steve McQueen & ' Winchester M 1892 Mares Leg'
AKA a "Winchester Randall".
9" Barrel - No Sights.

- Actually, Steve McQueen designed the Mares Laig 'duck-billed' hammer & enlarged cocking lever-loop - also redesigning the special holster.

Some 'Von Dutch' Customised Guns.
Original Mare's Laig S/N 468096.

Reputed to WANT to piss people off - Von Dutch put this sign up in his work area ..

Perhaps he was "misunderstood" .. but anyway he made some good looking lock-knives too:
- Did he make them or decorate them?

They say he used old piano keys for their ivory..

Marty K.

WHY would anyone RUIN a perfectly good motorcycle by stuffing a crappy
 Volkswagon Beetle motor into it?

A Half Decent Triumph - Shame About That Paint.