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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Ruger LCR Ain't The Only Plastic Wheel-Gun (- & PRACTICE:

Smith & Wesson have worked-up their version of a Polymer-Framed revolver - but I didn't hear much cheering from the fans.

The 'S&W M&P BODYGUARD 38 CRIMSON TRACE' has a  l o n g name for a short revolver that turns out to be lighter than their 'Airweight' model. - It boasts a complete redesign of it's clockwork system with a five chamber cylinder that rotates clockwise (seen from the rear) - no cylinder-hand - & the cylinder-latch is "top mounted" awkwardly but ambidextrously. (That means that it might be a crap idea for both sinister southpaws & the righteous) - or maybe it just needs to be practiced with until you get used to it.**
Cylinder Latch Where The Hammer Usually Lives
- Is That A Lock-Keyhole I see?
The controls for the laser pointer are inconvenient too & some folk are saying it's a shame they didn't also re-design the undersized synthetic grips that seem to mimic S&W's ancient "Wood Splinter" slabs.

.. traditionally you could improve those with a vintage Tyler T-Grip - but that won't work with this S&W Bodyguard 38:

.. They don't seem to like it much eh,

Link to a Three-way comparison & review:

Taurus appear to have made a "better fist" of their five shooter 'PROTECTOR' polymer revolver ..

- as it comes in both 38" and .357" magnum flavors - and has the normal d/a - s/a exposed hammer spur too - and it does have a considerable pricing advantage - a very comfortable rubber grip - and a day-glow front sight.
.. And - those dummies who like to disrespect Taurus firearms should note that since 1984 Taurus Holdings have offered an unqualified FULL LIFETIME REPAIR POLICY.

Then here is another revolver from Taurus - the Public Defender Polymer that shoots both .410 shells and .45"LC from it's long cylinder:
This is a light-weight big bore - so it's going to blast & kick a bit with full power loads .. It might be better if it had a three finger sized grip ..

 - Why would you put a shorter grip on a .44" revolver than on a .38" Mr. Taurus?
But we all know that there's no such thing as a free lunch (unless you're a politician or a "royal") - If you want a big bore in a small gun ... that's what you get 🐵.

The Charter Arms Undercover shorty revolver is also said to now have it's one piece silver colored trigger-guard /grip-frame molded from polymer .. does that qualify as a 'polymer pistol' - when the maker isn't marketing it as one?

Then there's the best one, the original Ruger LCR polymer Revolver .. now tried & tested in a good range of  calibers.

Six shots in 327 Federal Magnum, five shots in 357 Magnum or 38 Special, Eight rounds in .22" L/R., six shot in .22" Magnum-WMR, - & five rounds of 9x19 mm fit in moon clips. 

These five "POLYMER" revolvers use stainless steel and aluminum in the hot bits - so I'm not completely convinced about the utility of the plastic bits. The cost saving and strength in auto pistols such as the Glocks is apparent as well as some weight saving, corrosion resistance and recoil absorption .. time will tell.

.. Sighs .. you can get some LCR models with a three inch barrel and even a d/a-s/a version. - It's almost enough to make an old man think of emigrating State-Side .. except for their "Luney Tune Trump" and the city understories of spaced-out druggy sewage psycho-nutters.

** Referring again to PRACTCE .. and how it smooths & speeds the nerve impulses - "Practice Makes Perfect" .. Recently, - Having building maintenance work resulted in no hot water at the taps - for days I repeatedly just automatically reached-out to get that warm flow while fully knowing there was none. "Muscle Memory" and 'conditioning' actually produces MYELIN  that speeds & strengthens the nerve pathways - almost making your actions "automatic" !

"Roughly half of your brain is made of grey matter (where neural pathways are forged and reside) and the other half is made of white matter. - First it’s key to know that neurons that fire together, wire together. This means to learn something new, to set a new habit in place, repetition is required. When you practice something deeply, intentionally, and with conscious effort - a neural pathway is formed. Neurons are now firing together in a new sequence, and thus are wiring together as a collective. Repeated firing says that this neural pathway is important. Repeated firing with deep practice and either struggle or ecstasy, alerts oligodendrocytes and astrocytes that this pathway needs to be upgraded, or insulated, and the process of myelination begins.

The newly forged and repeatedly fired neural pathway is then insulated like an electrical wire wrapped in a protective coating. This pathway (grey matter) is strengthened via the myelin (white matter) insulation and it is upgraded from the equivalent of dial up to broadband. Heavily myelinated neural pathways are up to 300 times faster—they’ve been optimized for speed and efficiency. They’ve also become the default behavior, as the brain will choose the most highly myelinated pathways (because clearly they are the most important). This is how we form new automatic behaviors, also known as habits or habitual behavior choices."

- So there you go -PRACTICE your shooting .. Front Sight. Front Sight. Front Sight ...

Marty K.