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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Rubber Bullets - Russian 10 mm x 28 - Less Lethal:

WOW - there's always something new to learn eh.

Had you ever heard of the 10x28 Less Lethal Cartridge?  (.. I hadn't - is ignorance bliss?)

The 12mm rubber balls are said to weigh 1.8 grams (nearly 28 grains) and are fired at 500 meters per second - 1640 ft/sec.. This weapons effect on target is traumatic - causing pain, contusions, & hematomas .. even bone fractures or internal injuries & death may occur at close ranges out to 5 meters.

- This theme started when I saw a post (The Firearm Blog) about a Russian Molot designed pistol in two versions - 9x19mm and 10x28 mm - civilian-legal handgun firing only defensive rubber bullets .."Less Lethal".
VPO-514 Pre-Production Pistol.

This particular gun never started production in Russia (but there is a Steyr model around).

This civilian legal form fires rubber balls and the barrels have to be 'barred' to prevent conversion to real ammunition:
Barred Barrel.

- It seems that Steyr do have a version made for this Russian market ..

If you read that lot - plus this next Link - you'll know as much as me (.. that's not much).
For Shooting At Kiwis:

I was certainly conversant with military "rubber bullets" and 40mm Sponge Rounds that our NZ Police have for shooting from their grenade launchers - and I have imported 9mm rubber bullets that were sold in US for indoor practice (- good fun but may only be shot here in NZ on an approved range).

- See my post four years ago: LINK:

If you want access to a legal handgun in Mother Russia you might best sign-up for the KGB or NKVD that was .. it's now called FSB -  the initial letters of the Russian words Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti - Federal Security Service - the country's secret police.

Vladimir Putin says:

"Working in intelligence, you need to be informed about a lot of things and you need to be able to work with people and respect your partners."

Marty K.