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Friday, 18 May 2018

Increased Funding For New Zealand Police:

Our New Labour Party New Zealand Government does the Right Thing in their first Budget:

"Extra investment in Police welcomed "
Police Commissioner Mike Bush welcomes today’s announcement by the Minister of Police and says it represents a significant investment in NZ Police that will help make New Zealand the safest country.
“We are now positioned to deliver 1,800 new police and 485 support staff," says Commissioner Bush.
"This is an extra 920 officers and 240 support staff in addition to the 880 officers and 245 support staff announced in Budget 2017.
“This means more Police in our communities, with an additional 1100 constabulary officers to be deployed in community policing roles across the country.

These officers will be key to preventing crime, responding to calls for service to help keep our communities safe, and apprehending offenders who commit burglaries, robberies, theft and violence."

- Is "1,800 New Police" the same as 1,800 additional police?

2015 New Zealand sworn Police numbers were 8,923.

In June 2015 there were 37,473 OFFENDERS "under Corrections management." - out of a Population of 4,596,700 (that's 0.8152 %)

Interesting article about NZ policing numbers: LINK:

Marty K.