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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Reactive & Steel Targets:

Pistol NZ - Our club - is giving it's members comprehensive guidelines (Rules) for using & shooting at steel targets .. which can of course - cause dangerous ricochets and splatter if misused or worn & pitted.

They and we have to be aware of OSH requirements and Police regulation at all times.

Our NZ Police take their position of control over their paying customers very seriously - as indicated by their guidelines detailed in their Range Manual:

Steel targets are a great asset to shooters by being economic and long-lasting - as well as great fun to shoot. There is something very satisfying about that *CLANG*

 - The next two links have lots of ideas for 'GONGS' to ring & plates to swing when hit:

Hickok45  Home On His Range
- Lots Of Steel.

You 'mericans sure have lots of choices available - that we can only try to home-make-copy with kiwi ingenuity and "number 8 wire".

NEWBOLD Self-Sealing Polymer Targets .. (NO Hollowpoints).
These Would be Safe & OK .. But Shipping Costs!

Marty K.