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Friday, 4 May 2018

Henry Ford - HOT SHOT American Industrialist & Generally Nasty Person:

British media have been trying to stick an anti-Jewish-racist label on Jeremy Corbin (Britain's next prime minister) - now that their efforts to call the Labour Party politician a communist spy have faded away .. the papers are trying to smear him with some ordure they must have scraped-off of Henry Fords grave.
NEVER Confuse Your 'Ordure' With Your 'Verdure' eh
 - And Never Eat Any Yellow Snow.
- & Eat Your Greens.

- Now there's a bloke who hated "the International Jew" .. so much that he was awarded a medal by Hitler
1938 - Henry Ford Receives 
'Grand Cross Of The Supreme Order Of The German Eagle'
from Nazi German Consol

Henry Ford didn't much like his workers joining a Trade Union either - so much that he set-up 'The Service Department' (Internal Security) - a force of 800 armed thugs to resolve any issues by beating the crap out of them and even shooting them when they got too cheeky. “The most powerful private police force in the world.”
Bennet & Ford:
Harry Bennet - an ex-navy boxer, was appointed as a Ford Executive to recruit mobster muscle following his arrest for a street brawl .. at his interview the only question asked by Henry F was "Can you shoot?"
Harry Bennet's COLT Pocket Positive .32" Police Caliber with 3.5 Inch Barrel.
(- The Original .32" Colt Was a Crappy Cartridge. - They Eventually Adopted The .32" S&W but Called It "The 32 Colt New Police" .. Refusing to Use The S&W Name!)

 Bennett hung a target in his office for .32 caliber target pistols. He and his boss Henry sat for hours firing away. According to Bennett, “Mr. Ford was a dead shot.”
"Bennett liked to talk and act tough. He took target practice by firing BB's from an air pistol at a small target mechanism on a filing cabinet in his basement office at the Rouge. Visitors and co-workers were puzzled by the muffled sounds of pellets striking the target. Bennett furthered his tough guy image by keeping lions as pets at his Ann Arbor estate. He startled fellow executives by bringing the cats to his office and painting their likenesses.
"Harry Bennett used to sit at his desk, with his feet up on the desk, and a target at the other end of the room and fire a 45 target practice in his office and if someone was invited in to have a meeting with him they better make certain that his presence was properly announced or they may have intercepted one of those."
It didn't take Bennett long to assemble a collection of football players, boxers, wrestlers and even Detroit river gang members as Service Department employees. Bennett possessed no car making skills at all. His success with the company came solely from his close relationship with Henry Ford and his ability to get things done. All Henry had to do was ask, "Can you take care of that, Harry?" and it was done."
Bennet continued as a Ford executive for 29 years .. "He got things done."

- I can't exactly remember which unit Henry served with when the USA declared war on Germany on April 6 1917 .. mobilizing over Four Million men ..

 .. was it the 'zBv' or 'Sturm'  - it was too early to be the Volks sturm or the SS-TotenkopfverbÀnde (SS-TV)?  - Naah that's not fair really - as Henry would have been too busy checking Germany's Ford-Werk's production figures throughout the war to volunteer for military service eh.

In a wish to be fair to "our 'Enery" I need to declare that I have owned two rusted British Ford Cortinas (a Mk.I & a Mk.II) and a Ford engined Lotus Seven replica and all three engines clapped-out around 100,000 miles.

Marty K.