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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bushmaster To Be Sued:

Media are reporting that ten families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims are to file a joint lawsuit against Bushmaster Firearms International and associated companies - claiming that there is no legitimate purpose for such guns to be sold.

A Bushmaster Rifle.
I think that these poor folk are misguided and are going to sue the wrong people.
- 20 year old Adam Lanza who shot and killed 26 before shooting himself suffered "significant mental health issues" and "exhibited anti-social behaviour".
Lanza who had been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, sensory-integration disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, - changed his socks twenty times a day and communicated with his mother - who he lived with - only by e-mail.

He was also Anorexic and weighed only 112 lbs (50 kg.) despite being six foot plus tall.

Can you think of anyone else who might be better sued than the manufacturers for permitting this mentally abnormal person to be free to unlawfully arm himself ?? - like the U.S. Mental Health Authorities and Government - or about a 100 other responsible people who failed society?

- there used to be a common phrase - "A bad worker always blames his tools"

- when all else fails, blame the gun!

- Just a thought.

Marty K.