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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Top 10 weapons of The Future:

Bearing in mind that this is currently "The Season of Good Will etc." - I perversely want to point-out just what our Governments of elected representatives have been preparing to use against the rest of us - while simultaneously trying to control, limit, or eliminate small arms from our hands.
Current Tasers. (X26P is latest version)

The "New Scientist" published this list of what "future weapons" they saw coming - some 20 years ago:

1/ Autonomous Weapons: Drones, Remote controlled attack weapons. - Reach-out and touch someone.

2/ High Energy Lasers: Require high energy sources and are bulky.

3/ Space Based Weapons: Anti-ballistic Missile Systems.

4/ Hypersonic Aircraft: Faster than Mach 5.5

5/ Active Denial System: Micro-waving people to force them to back-off (- or cook).

6/ Nuclear Missiles: Tens of thousands of these terribly destructive weapons  already deployed.

7/ Stun Guns: Tasers etc. - now well distributed and in use.

8/ E-Bombs: High Energy microwave pulses to disrupt electronics / computers.

9/ Layered Missile Defence: Moves in & out of fashion regularly - but popular with Israel.

10/ Information warfare: Computer Hackers ( called 'Crackers' by the in crowd?) overload computers and spread 'viruses'. - Interesting recent claimed use by North Korea on Sony's movie publicity campaign.
- Good guesses I'd say, from twenty years ago.

- A difficulty we work under is government secrecy - when information of anything 'new' is released you can guarantee that it is already obsolete and has been superseded and replaced.

JHSV-3 'USNV Millinocket'  Armed with a rail-gun - launched 5 June 2013.

For example we don't know how well developed is the Boeing X-51 Hypersonic Aircraft - that went 'hyper' in 2013. - And how are they doing with electro-magnetic 'Rail Guns' ?

Boeing X-51.

- Makes my Ruger revolvers look "agricultural" and antique - but they're still fun eh.

Marty K.