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Monday, 22 December 2014

Home-Made SPLATTER Targets:

I really like those clever paper targets that show a fluorescent margin to your bullet holes - making a hit with a .22" look like a .44 Magnum.

- What I don't like is the retail asking price here .. only  NZ$45 for x12 "Splattering" targets (Birchwood Casey).

 - Is that really $3.75 EACH for paper targets?
I wonder how many they are selling.

Very Useful - But also Lots of Fun to Use.
- I had been applying my 'grey matter'  to dreaming-up some way of making something similar (but no doubt inferior) - maybe using a fluro coloured rubberised under paint coverered with a layer of some cheap blackboard paint that would chip-off when excited - But here's a better idea the chef prepared and cooked earlier.

Video posted by All Outdoor - Thank you.
- Well done that man (or woman inventor) - I'll get on-to-it (similar to "a round-tuit" ) next time I'm in town - but meanwhile my head has leapt forward to thoughts of my rubbish bin and examining the empty 'tetra-packs'  that my fruit-juice and soy-milk comes-in. - Unfold those bent-over 'ears' and ..
 High Tech Multi-layered Throw-Away Packaging.
- Now I reckon that maybe, slit open & and flattened-out after some kitchen scissor surgery - this laminated card could be a great base for a coat of blackboard matt black spray paint and with a few bright coloured patches stuck on - then stapled on the target stand. - I'll have to get a 'round tuit' .
Re-cycle, re-cycle .. So the spray-can of paint cost $17 - but should do for several attempts and a pack of bright orange patches was nearly $10 but will be useful generally for target use..

The chalkboard paint seems to readily chip-off from the polythene coating so this whole experiment looks hopeful. - If you wondered why the display pack of  "AA Energiser 50% longer lasting 'Power Boost' cells" is in the picture - IT'S BECAUSE EVERY TIME I WANT TO USE THE CAMERA - THE ****** BATTERIES ARE DEAD.

Oh, was I shouting? - still it all adds authenticity to my story - but the cost is mounting-up eh

I'll have to come-back with the victorious 'shots' (of my shots) later as I can't loose-off in my garden - so we will all need to be patient !

Seasons Greetings and all that, I'm off to honey bake a ham.
Marty K.