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Friday, 26 December 2014

R.I.P Projectiles:

G2 Research are keeping busy with an expanding range of their projectiles: Their "last bullet you will need" claim certainly looks realistic to me even at around US$2 a shot for defensive handgun ammunition there in The States. If I were a "bad boy" in USA - I'd be giving serious thought to retirement.
- Georgia Based 'G2 Research' machine their new projectiles from solid copper using CNC machinery.

RIP rounds Loaded for a Glock.

These Radically Invasive Projectiles - engineered from copper, are very impressive - as shown in these SLO-MO Gel tests off youtube:

9MM R I P.
And a new-to-me 300 Blackout round is being called "300 RIP OUT":
- And as I've observed before - this ammunition might be regarded as "green' because it is 100% 'lead-free'.

'Trident' Rounds Are Latest.

- But the 'Trident'  bullets used in .300 Blackout calibre are a different concept that doesn't break-up into separate fragments - but rather the solid copper bullet is engineered to expand and peel-back into a large three-petalled form that looks very serious to me.

Sub-sonic or "super.." they are covering all the bases.

- Long term prospects for any animal hit by these designer bullets are not looking too good.

Marty K.