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Sunday, 14 December 2014

NZ Police Firearms Advisory Forum - Raised Costs:

I've just had a couple of e-mailed 'heads-ups' that The NZ Police Community Firearms Advisory Forum held its latest meeting on December 3rd.

The pdf said that topics presented were as follows:

Arms Trade Treaty - Brokering Legislation - and the need for a legal definition of what a Broker is.

NZ Police want to have the ability to issue "Firearms Prohibition Orders' similar in type to those used by Australian Authorities. These would prohibit possession of firearms by some individuals and groups and have heavier penalties than those currently provided for.

NZ Police raised the topic of cost recovery related to their issuing of Permits - particularly IMPORT PERMITS - saying that they are having to issue more with less resources/finance available.

The fifth item raised was that they intend to amend the Firearms Act to add clarification about converting 'A' Category firearms (good guns!) into 'E' Category(bad guns!) - and their Registration.

The following photographs attempt to illustrate the problem they (& The Honourable John Banks) have made for us all:

'A' Cat Non-Registered Rifle.
'E' Cat Registered Rifle.
Sounds like all we licensed 'fit & proper' shooters will be paying much increased fees in future to help the Authorities impose further obstructive interpretations of their home-made regulations
 - such as: if your properly licensed Import Permit states Auckland as the port of entry - and the aircraft is diverted due to weather to Christchurch - you will be required to apply and pay for another Import Permit to replace the invalidated Permit !!. (At a fee set to cover their increased costs).
 - Remember that this importation may be for a small part such as a coil spring or other tiny component, screw, rivet, pin.

** : The removable magazine (clip) holds one more cartridge.
Marty K.