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Friday, 27 February 2015

A Five Doller SLINGBOW:

- Way back on 20th March 2014 I showed how I had built two working bows from PVC pipe in a post called "A Low Cost ($10.?) PVC Pipe Bow."  working from online video instructions. Those bows are still working fine after close to a year and still get taken out into the yard now and again.

 - Well here's another home build project that should cost a similar handful of loose change to make and may be easier to move around and use accurately. - Once again I was shown the way to this by 'All Outdoors'
The video is interesting and clear and has got me thinking about my next project.

This guy sounds like he comes from just across 'the ditch' - in Australia (our western island).

- You might like to have a look at some more of his stuff on Backyard Armoury on You-tube.

Marty K.