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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Guns Tied-Down on Toowoomba Range:

An enterprising Australian gun-shop has jumped through all the police hoops and now has their indoor range open to the public.

The issues here in New Zealand were different in detail when I did this in Christchurch - but I have some understanding of the hurdles this facility will have overcome to arrive at "OPEN".

Of course, the tethering of firearms does restrict the misuse only somewhat, as there have been instances of range customers committing suicide - even with tethered guns - by climbing or leaning forward to end it all - and there is little to prevent a determined person bringing a pair of wire cutters onto the range hidden in their clothing. - The main control is an alert range officer at the side of any shooter.

But when faced with restrictions and lots of rules one needs to be brave and determined to move forward while complying with every sensible regulation.

Marty K.