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Sunday, 8 February 2015

NZ Rural Officer Says "I Carry":

Radio New Zealands 'Panel' today (Monday) discussed a letter from an unnamed Police officer to the Police Association journal 'Police News' . This rural based officer said that he "routinely breaches regulations by carrying a firearm and will continue to do so" - saying he needs to for protection.

I am pleased to report that the radio panel were generally supportive and unsurprised. - I guess that this is a case of real people responding to the thunder while their administration is still looking for the lightning flash.

" I work on my own in a remote area which is why I am able to do this". - I have not had a complaint, if anything, very few people even notice."

- nobody said that the officer was male.

I very much wish to add my full support to this sensible officer - who has understood the reality of  this lone posting and seeks to perform at the best - in a realistic manner.


However, Asst. Police Commissioner Mike Rusbach said that police policy did not allow for firearms to be carried as a matter of course.

We all know that the support of senior officers is of course always necessary for frontline personnel.

 - The Police Minister said that he backed the official police position .

Thanks guys.

Marty K.