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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

PolyCase Ammunition - Plastic Bullets:

PolyCase Ammunition are an injection moulding company in USA  that has developed a range of nylon/copper filled polymer bullets . The raw plastic has copper particles blended in that provide some mass to the self lubricating projectiles - then the melted material is squirted under pressure into the mould cavities.

They say that they are currently producing their bullets at a rate of 90,000 per eight hour shift from two 80 ton presses and they come in eight different sizes that can be loaded into conventional brass cases.

I make that 18,900,000 a full week - running round the clock.(19M)

Injection Moulding is a way of bulk producing plastic components cheaply. The moulds or 'dies' are expensive precision engineered tools that are fitted into big heavy powerful  machines that can run continuously with little attention when set-up right. - I should know - as I worked in the UK plastics industry for decades as a machine setter / supervisor!
A Multi-Cavity Injection Moulding Tool.
It costs a lot to set-up - but once running the unit cost is negligible (- peanuts cost much more!)
So this range of light-weight ammo should eventually be on sale as a low cost choice - once the initial investment cost has been amortised - it's all profit.
 Screw caps x96 every 3 Seconds
- Yeah, that's the kind of stuff I used to do before NZ
As the name 'PolyCase' suggests - they also produce plastic cased ammunition.
I'm not able to say if this stuff is any good - but I don't doubt that it will be fine once all the wrinkles are sorted.
 - Well, - plastic bullets in plastic cases to fire from plastic guns - what will they think of next?!
Marty K.