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Friday, 6 February 2015

Pistol Grips & Pistol Barrel Lengths:

I've never actually read a properly presented legal argument stating why a rifle that has a 'free-standing pistol grip' is more undesirable than any other from a law-enforcement viewpoint.

- This is almost certainly because there is no such argument.

- My guess is that the whole idea of trying to impose limitations on what 'style' of gun is allowed is based purely on well meaning but misguided ideas that how a guns looks make it more dangerous.. plus the idea that any restriction is a good thing!

It certainly seems that a 'free-standing pistol grip' is acceptable on any actions other than semi-auto.

It appears that "They" are themselves so impressed by the look of "military" style black rifles and choose to equip their own SWAT teams with them and dress them-up in black ninja style gear - maybe hoping to scare the baddies into diabolic diarrhoea.
Logic suggests that they are scaring more ordinary folk than any scum they can hope to impress from the criminal element. Surely a more effective police 'look' would be a standard easily recognised police uniform with small modifications to make the deployment of arms easier and safer .. er - wouldn't that be a better standard uniform anyway?
Might I suggest some light protective padding (armour) at the elbows and knees similar to motorcycle wear for a start. If the standard police uniform is unsuited to active duty - then change it.
Here in NZ target shooters are limited to handguns having four inch minimum barrels measured from the breach face - on the basis that this is a suitable minimum length for target shooting. - but when considering revolvers, our authorities - measure the barrel length in the standard 'industry' way - by ignoring the cylinder length from the breach face.
357" Revolver (with 4" barrel) measures close to 6 inches from breach face
- when NZ Police measure it.
This "disparity" in my humble opinion doesn't actually upset the usefulness of either handgun - because the actual difference in sight radius is slight - Check-out the photo comparing the Ruger GP100 that has a 4.2 inch barrel to the M&P s/a with a 4.25 inch barrel.(only fifty-thou different)
 The revolver sight radius is actually less than the similar semi-auto - So those of us who'd like to be able to shoot shorter more compact handguns will need to argue a different point.
(The semi-autos firing mechanism is behind the barrel taking-up a similar length to the revolvers cylinder)
Marty K.