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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ruger Pistol Calibre CARBINES:

All Outdoors have just reviewed the Ruger carbines in 9mm and .40" chamberings. Does this review suggest that there is renewed interest in this model?

 If listed again as the PC9 these would I think be welcomed by shooters for both serious social work and for their acceptability for target practice on pistol ranges.

I'd say that they'll be a winner down here for the importer - provided they came with a magazine that meets our 'A' Cat. requirement of under seven rounds capacity for semi-autos.

I know they don't come with all that "mans Barbie doll" stuff like picatinny rails and collapsing butt-stocks etc. but at the right price that should help their sales here in NZ where guns are assessed on looks by our authorities. - Their less threatening  'civilian cloths' would make them easier to import.
- Handy rifles for pigs, possums, hares, and other feral animals at medium ranges.
- Come on Ruger - how about a short re-run for export to NZ and places like California & New York?
Marty K.