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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

BOBERG Bullpup Moving to BOND ARMS in Texas:

Uhh-Oh, - what's going to happen to the semi-custom Boberg Arms designed XR9-L and XR9-S semi-autos? - This interesting "bull-pup" design pistol that uses a 'backwards' magazine and feed system has been sold 'lock, stock, and barrel' to Bond Arms of Granbury, Texas - who currently build a range of derringer type pistols.

I wrote about Bobergs novel feed system on 10th June 2015 and really liked the concept. - Basically the design that draws-out the cartridges to the rear before feeding them up into the chamber allows the barrel length to be set rearwards by approximately one inch - making for a compact arm even with a full four inch long barrel.

Bond Arms Derringers

Bond Arms say that they have been looking to expand their product range and that the Bobergs will complement and enlarge their line of compact handguns.

Gordon Bond is quoted as intending to have prototypes of a "refined"  Boberg design ready by January 2016.

Maybe the classy hand built "bull-pup" Bobergs will be modernised into "plastic phantastics"  that employ polymer frames and sell at a lower level price .. We'll have to wait and see eh. - But I'm hoping that they will still make the 'L' model with the full four inches as I'd love to see them in New Zealand.

- Compact, accurate, light recoil, full velocity, rotating barrel, easy to operate the slide etc., - sounds good to me.

??  A "BONDBERG" ??
Marty K.