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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Prisoners made "fake gun":

- Further to the US "lady" who hid a revolver inside her person .. here's another effort - reported by The Telegraph 23rd November :

Troy Benner (49 - armed robbery) and Treiston Pierron (32, arson) have been dealt with for attempting to escape from a detention centre in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. They were found in possession of a handcuff key and a "hand-crafted fake gun" when planning an escape attempt.

Not a bad effort maybe - considering that it was made from soap and toilet paper  "and other materials".

 - Not remarkably accurate but it does look sort-of 'glockish' eh. - I guess it's better than a drawing on a bit of paper - and certainly safer than shoving a real loaded firearm up yourself.

- that's all folk,

Marty K.