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Saturday, 14 November 2015

"Duplex" Load - Which Meaning - & Risks?:

I was interested to note recently that the term "duplex load" was used to describe loading the chambers of a black-powder revolver with a small amount - say 5grains - of genuine black powder as a 'starter' - then completing the load with substitute 'replica' powder of say 20gns of Pyrodex  , Triple Se7en. or Goex . - I have never tried this and am not suggesting it.

- This is to fix the problem some folk find with the replica powders being reluctant to light-up with their usual percussion caps.  I have bought some  #11 magnum caps made by CCI meant to give better ignition - but haven't personally had any noticeable difficulty with any powders in a Ruger Old Army.

Please note: All these powders referred to are 'BLACK-POWDER'. - NEVER use modern 'Smokeless' nitro based powders in a black powder only gun .. the result will be disaster:
- There are plenty of gory photographs if you feel the need to look.
- My idea of what is a 'normal' Duplex Load is a metallic cartridge that contains two projectiles
Colt ACR Duplex
Meanwhile, over in UK - a Nottinghamshire Police Officer accidently fired his Heckler & Koch rifle inside the police station while talking to a visiting school party of young kids (11 Nov. BBC report) A seven year old girl received a cut lip when hit by a fired shell case.
 The mother complained that the officer had offered the gun to the child for a photograph before it discharged.
 - The officer "was taken off firearms duties following an incompetency hearing."
Following an investigation - the British IPCC concluded that operational firearms officers must keep their weapons loaded and therefore should not be involved in community events.
What can I say? - Basic firearms safety rules?

Indeed - further on fitness to use firearms,  I have a friend who I trust and respect - but I would seek to keep him far away from any firearm at all times - as he is a bit "full-on" and his energy and strength somewhat exceed his caution, attention to detail, and manual dexterity.

"Horses for courses"
Marty K.